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About The Maple Group


About us

At The Maple Group, we are a company guided by integrity, driven by accountability, and deeply committed to fostering partnerships. Our leadership team comprises seasoned professionals in the fields of health and social care, united by a shared vision.


Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide the kindest and most exceptional care and experiences. We prioritize simplicity, effectiveness, and efficiency in all that we do. We achieve this by bringing together some of the kindest and most skilled individuals in the industry.

Our Journey Begins

The Maple Group was founded in 2015, stemming from a domiciliary care agency dedicated to serving the Greater West Midlands area. Our roots are firmly planted in a commitment to delivering high-quality care.

Expanding Horizons

Building on our success in domiciliary care, we made the strategic decision to expand into residential care. Our journey into residential care began with the acquisition of our first home in Wirral, Birkenhead. Since then, we've grown our portfolio to encompass a range of residential and dementia care facilities across the United Kingdom.

A Global Reach

In 2018, The Maple Group took a significant step by expanding into Langley, BC, Canada. This expansion included the establishment of Happy Face Medical Clinic, a medical clinic (GP surgery) that provides primary care services. In 2022, we further broadened our services by adding homecare and domiciliary care to our offerings, solidifying our commitment to providing exceptional care to the Canadian community. Over time, we've expanded our patient base and enhanced our facilities to better serve the community.

Our Unique Vision

Our motivation goes beyond financial gain. It's about creating a truly unique and compassionate experience for our service users. The wealth of expertise within our team, extending into the social care industry and beyond, drives us to build businesses that promote healthy lifestyles. It's this vision that sets The Maple Group apart.

Embracing Change

A fundamental truth of life is that everyone ages, and as we do, our bodies and minds evolve. We adapt by making informed decisions and taking purposeful actions. At The Maple Group, we're here to support you on this journey, ensuring you receive the care and attention you deserve at every stage of life.

Providing you with the best care

Shaquille Pabani

Managing Director

Rozmina Pabani

Care Quality Director

Aniz Pabani

Medical Director

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