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Our vision...

We’re committed to setting a new care community standard.

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The Maple Group specialises in Residential Care Homes, Home (Domiciliary) Care and Medical Clinics, with facilities in the United Kingdom and Western Canada. 

We stand for Care – which is what we do in all of our businesses by focussing on the individual, and striving to provide the best and kindest possible care.

We are an integrity-driven company founded on the principles of accountability, involvement and partnership with a management team of highly experienced senior health and social care professionals. 

We want all of our users, staff, purchasers and regulators to know that we will listen to each one of you. We are on a journey to provide the kindest possible care and experience, simply, easily, effectively and efficiently while employing some of kindest and most professional people.

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Finding a care home is one of the most important things we will do for ourselves or for a loved one. Our short video, produced for, sets out the 5 key things steps you need to follow when choosing, or finding, a care home, nursing home or retirement home.