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Funding, Staffing & the Bottom Line

It is now just over 12 months since we published our ground-breaking piece of research on the shortage of nurses in the UK, “The UK Nursing Workforce – Crisis or Opportunity”. With frequent reference being made to a shortage of nurses in both the NHS and adult social care, a dramatic increase in agency use and escalating sta costs, we sought to place into context the true extent of the issues and the solutions available. Key headlines from our 2015 document included an estimated shortfall of 15,000 full-time equivalent nurses and the establishment of new industry sta cost benchmarks through our survey of 12 of the largest nursing home operators. On a positive note, we also drew attention to the innovative strategies being employed by leading care home operators to address the sta ng shortfalls. This new piece of research has been produced at a time when the sector is adjusting following the introduction of the new National Living Wage on 1 April 2016. With the vast majority of care homes reliant upon local authority funding, operators will only be able to o set the increase in cost if local authorities provide appropriate compensatory fee rate increases. Within this document, we seek to place the issues of funding and sta ng into context, assess what has changed in the last 12 months and provide answers to the pivotal questions around these crucial areas. Our research has leveraged the unique insight gained from our care sector specialists in each Christie & Co regional o ce. In addition, we have surveyed every local authority and nearly 200 operators, including specialist providers. As with last year’s research, we are also looking to provide insight into the potential changes for the industry ahead. With a number of policies currently being implemented and Brexit creating new uncertainties, we will examine the factors that will impact the industry over the coming years. We hope that you nd this piece of research to be informative and would like to express our thanks to all of the operators and other organisations who have contributed." target="_blank">

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