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"Our Vision is to be a care example for others in the sectors we operate"

"We recruit and support people that share our values to build a strong, successful team that helps each other improve skills and uses best practices. We commit to prioritise our users needs and provide a continuously improving, always outstanding, service."

- Shaquille Pabani 

(Managing Director)

Our Story


An Idea was Born

Surlang Medical Clinic (Langley, British Columbia, Canada) began serving the community in August 1993. 

Founded by a Dr. Anizmohamed Pabani, a General Practitioner whom wanted to provide a higher level of care to the community. 

Our Cosmetics Expansion

In October 1999 our first Cosmetics and Laser Clinic began to offer private, preventative medicine to the Greater Vancouver Area. Our goal was to merge medically advanced technology and knowledge to slow down the aging process for our users.

Expansion into Nursing and Residential Care

Following much discussion, our group decided to expand operations from Western Canada to the United Kingdom by acquiring our first Residential Care Home in Birkenhead. Since then, our portfolio has expanded to include other facilities around the country.

Offering Domiciliary Care

To continue the expansion in the United Kingdom, the decision was made to acquire a small domiciliary care agency in the Midlands (Care 4U Services). Since the acquisition, this operation has since successfully expanded operations across the United Kingdom and entered Western Canada.

"Our company is founded on the principles of accountability, involvement and partnership."

- Dr. Aniz Pabani

(Medical Director)



Usma Khurshid





Amara Ezekude

Care 4U
Domiciliary Care 

West Midlands
United Kingdom

Ella Ricafranca

Happy Face
Medical Clinic

British Columbia

Graham Penny

Residential Home

United Kingdom

Hannah Waterer

Residential Home

United Kingdom


The Maple Group is led by the Pabani Family, an inspiring group of individuals united in their uncompromising business ideals, integrity, and compassion.

Managing Director


Shaquille Pabani

Managing Director



Rozmina Pabani

Care Operations Director

Aniz Pabani

Medical Director

Kareem Pabani

Non Executive Director

Sadruddin Pabani

Non Executive Director

"It is not financial gain that drives the Pabani family – but rather, a desire to provide a fully unique and caring experience to their service users. Their breadth of expertise within the social care industry and beyond inspires the creation of businesses that structurally encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle. Building on this vision is what makes The Maple Group so unique."

Chastine D.

Medical Operations